Monday, March 10, 2008


I have always believed one of the greatest ways we can achieve a healthier planet is to teach our children by example. The small things we do now, instills in our children the importance of keeping our world cleaner, brighter and healthier. By teaching, we are essentially making life more "green" longer.

Keeping in line with our suggestion to take small steps in your efforts to become more "green", we're excited to introduce you to Scout, Lola and Waverly. These lovable characters are hoping to help your children "discover the big part they can play in keeping the Earth happy, healthy and green - one iddy biddy step at a time."

By taking iddy biddy steps along with his or her Idbid of choice, the child learns about the Earth and what he or she can do to make a difference. (For example, if you turn off the water while brushing your teeth all week, you'll save more than a bath tub full of water.)

Each Idbid Kit contains one plush toy of choice (made with 100% organically grown Egyptian cotton), an organic cinch sack for the child to wear, story book printed on recycled paper with eco-friendly tips and a field guide printed on recycled paper with eco-friendly links.

I fully support making our planet a better place to live one child at a time!

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