Monday, March 31, 2008

sweet dream totes.

Just got word in the mail of new Joys! Joy by Mel Lim has released pretty recycled totes (so in and even necessary) available in three Spring-ish and Joy-unique designs.
Made with 80% recycled cotton & 20% recycled soda bottles, our totes are made in USA with Fair Labor Association
$29 for one or $80 for all three. I love Sweet Dream 3!


  1. i love these! my favorite is the yellow one.

  2. Hi Kelly! It's Cassi Allred! I would love to catch up! I would also love to read the Burgoynes Blog, I miss reading about what's going on! What is going on?? How's life? We have lots to tell you guys too! Call or email!! xo


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