Friday, March 7, 2008

modern layette SWAP.

lay·ette [ley-et]
an outfit of clothing, bedding, etc., for a newborn baby.

I love Layette. It comes with new life, signifying soft, simple, pure and lovely. I always welcome change and fresh starts and how easy so many companies are making new beginnings with such a brilliant variety of modern/eco-friendly layette lines. We hoped to set out- highlighting them all, but were quickly overwhelmed with the flux of options. (Remember: giggle's better basics, itty bitty bella, the tea collection and speesees.. just to name a few of our favorites previously featured.)

So, here's our idea: since the majority of you seem to have a baby, will have a baby or know someone that does or will have a baby, we saw it fitting to host our very first swap: modern layette. (Think basics: rompers, gowns, tees, booties, buntings, mitts, skull caps, swaddling blankets and socks.) We're giddy excited. Especially since you, our readers, will be contributing to the ultimate modern/eco-friendly layette review post. Let me explain.

For all those choosing to participate (we welcome everyone)- the simple steps & guidelines:
1. Choose your favorite modern and/or eco-friendly layette product (brand) with a $25 minimum (shipping not included).
2. By March 18th (2 weeks), email *(put SWAP in the subject bar)* with your:
*full name and address
*a sentence describing your layette style/inspiration
*whether you would choose to receive layette for a girl, boy or gender-neutral
*a link to the layette brand you will be giving
{We know this isn't standard. But.. this will allow us to pair you with someone who seems to hold to your style/taste. We think the extra step will be worth it!}
3. After receiving all entries, we will pair you with a modern layette swap partner (+ gender-specific layette choice) and ask you to mail all gifts (again, $25 minimum) by April 2 (2 1/2 weeks to shop and send), followed by an email to us when you receive your swap package.
4. We will put together a post including all the unique layette chosen by each of you (again, those links in step #2 prove helpful)-- providing a brilliant guide of modern layette for all Tangled and True readers.

Stock up: It's fun to give. It's exciting to collaborate. New ideas are refreshing. Packages are thrilling. And everyone is a winner. We hope you choose to join us! Feel free to spread the word via our swap button (see in sidebar). The code is below:

Please email us or comment with any questions.

photo via lotus linens


  1. what a fun idea! i wish i had a baby!

  2. what about sizing? Could one participate if they havea 6 month old wearing a size 12 months?

  3. such a fun idea! maybe i'll take part, even though i don't have a baby. there's got to be a baby shower coming up soon, right??

  4. Ditto what Jus said...I think I will just participate with my next baby in mind....I was wondering if it would be ok to knit something, If I use a cashmere blend, the yarn will be $25 or more.

  5. Jus (and Princess P): That's a good question. Typically, layette is newborn (up to 8lbs or 0-3m), but layette can also include 3-6m, 6-12m and sometimes 12-18 months. (Do readers agree?) I think those participating will tend to send the smaller sizes, but if you are wanting to join and NEED the larger sizes, do go ahead and specify in your email to us- aside your gender preference- and we'll be happy to work with that. More than anything, we want to include you.

  6. Princess P- I think knitting something would be incredible! Definitely. (Maybe when you're done, you can email us a picture and/or pattern to be included in our final review post...)

  7. I have gone ahead with an entry but please feel free to say (e-mail) "no! that baby is TOOOOOO big!" ;)

  8. Fun! I'm 32 wk preg. (My 2nd Pregnancy) and didnt find out my babies gender this time! So i havent bought ANYTHING! This will be great baby retail therapy for me! I can't wait to put together my package!


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