Wednesday, March 26, 2008


bioME5 tees are inspired by the "visual learning process inherent in all children," yielding playful, cheerful and positive designs. It's called the animal alphabet project and it's awakened an appreciation for and understanding of the animals that inhabit the earth's natural biomes (desert, grasslands, aquatics, forests, and tundra) in the youngest learners. Even their site is child-friendly and enlightening. note: be sure to turn your sound on.
"Vibrant colors, large letters, and easily recognizable animals create intriguing graphics but also serve as recognition and learning catalysts for children. To be sure, the inverse orientation of the words on our products is not a mistake. The animal name is clearly readable from your little one’s vantage point…"
We've talked about them before and I've been excited about them from the beginning, but I just saw/felt/used them for the first time and am floored. 100% certified (undyed and unbleached) organic cotton, made in sweatshop-free environments in the USA is just the start of their goodness. Tagless and preshrunk makes them exceptionally great. The originality and like-it's-been-worn-for-years softness put them over the top. This would make for one exciting hand-me-down.

A limited edition polar bear design was just released, with 20% or proceeds being donated to the Detroit Zoo's Arctic Ring of Life exhibit- the leader in the exhibition, management and breeding of polar bears since 1928.

Tees are available in size 2T - 6T and onesies (size 3-6 months and 6-12 months). Buy sustainable and fashionable and get free domestic shipping! $28-32. (Long sleeved styles are currently discounted from $36 to $28!)

I like Z. What letter would you choose?

Tangled and True deal + discount: Use code Tangled and receive $5 off your order plus free domestic shipping.


  1. I can't decide between g, o and u. they are great!

  2. i've had my eye on these for a while now. i must get one for my oldest. they are too cute to pass up.


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