Tuesday, March 18, 2008

robin rosenthal.

Perfect children's art is hard to come by. It's either so lovely yet so expensive or just doesn't quite work (too cheap, too traditional, too ducks and kittens). Robin Rosenthal mended the near crisis. And after my frames arrive, her posters for kids (both because I couldn't resist) will be the most fantastic accessories for my little Cole's room. Right above his big boy bed.. a post for another day!

counting birds
18x24 inches

24x36 inches

Not only is the art green (because that is this week's theme): offset printed with soy inks on acid-free, recycled, uncoated cover stock, but it's guaranteed authentic. Robin Rosenthal has worked as an graphic designer and art director for 12 years, including deputy art director at Kids magazine, a Martha Stewart publication. She's Martha quality, ladies. "Modern, graphic, fun, and affordable." And there's word that she's currently working on more posters. Hooray!

If you're anything like me, buying posters stands a bit intimidating. Because beyond the art is the worry about the perfect frame. So, I asked the expert.

Robin Rosenthal's poster tips
"The 2 posters are sized so they'll work in ready-made frames you can get at most art supply stores. I've framed a few and I like simple wood frames in white or natural that are about 0.75"-1.25" in width.

I would suggest using plexiglas rather than glass because of the size of the posters. It's also safer to use the plexiglas in a child's room.

*I think the Blick Gallery Wood Frame in natural from dickblick looks like a good option: see here.
*For a more low key option you can have the poster dry mounted at a local frame shop. (FYI, this is not archival and not as sturdy.)
*Or try these."

We hope that helps! Both posters are available here. $40 each. My new favorites!


  1. We have been working on learning both numbers and the alphabet. These are a perfect find--thanks!

  2. Tara, Cole loves learning both too! It will be fun to have letters and numbers on his wall. Your room for P is looking good.

  3. They are beautiful. Perfect for my little Prince's room! I can't wait to order some to fill my blank walls in his room.

  4. Kelli, is that alphabet lettering in red or orange? Maybe I can see it in person on Friday? ;)


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