Monday, March 24, 2008

myths about green living.

If an eco-friendly lifestyle seems overwhelming perhaps reading through these 10 myths about green living, might make it easier to sort through.

Myth No. 1: Small changes don't matter.
One of your biggest weapons in the green movement is your own wallet. Recent numbers demonstrate that a few smarter buying decisions translate to big changes in the planet. One that's fairly easy: When you buy household paper goods (like paper towels, napkins, toilet paper and copy paper), look for products that use high percentages of recycled or post-consumer waste.

If everyone in the country elected to buy one package of 100 percent recycled napkins instead of the non-recycled variety, that act alone would save 1 million trees.

Myth No. 6: Eco-friendly grocery options are expensive.

Not every green choice has to cost you extra green. Buying local grown produce is a good example. The average food item travels 1,500 miles to 2,500 miles to get to your store shelves, according to the Natural Resources Defense council. Locally grown produce -- usually grown within 200 miles -- saves all those transportation and fuel costs, along with tons of carbon. For that reason they are often less expensive and -- because they typically get to ripen longer -- tastier, too. What's more, many smaller local growers don't use pesticides, herbicides or artificial ripening agents, keeping petrochemicals out of the soil and reducing crude-oil usage even more.

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  1. I work for an environmental division of a local municipality. I'm totally loving the green themed posts.


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