Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Last year, Halloween was long anticipated. I had Cole's perfect costume months in advance, bought his first trick-or-treat bag, and was well stocked with handouts for visitors {just in case..}. This year has been different. I've made zero preparations {still no costume, etc.} and we've had little celebration. [It's been busy! That and we're between homes right now...] We made it to the grocery store last night for a mini pumpkin patch adventure and I've made pumpkin bread in the last month, but apart from my last second efforts, I suddenly feel hit with the responsibility to celebrate. I wish I was hosting a party, had the spookiest house on the block or at least organized a successful trunk-or-treat. And I'm realizing that more now than ever, I can encourage the candy apple and caramel corn and scarecrows that Halloween used to be. [I hope with all my soul that I'm never tempted by those "sexy" Halloween costumes that seem to be the modern costume market.. or even more so that I don't have a daughter who wants to become a Brat on the 31st.] That being said, I have to at least bring Halloween to Tangled and True! Read on...

[photo: Happy Halloween Garland by Martha Stewart crafts, $4.99]

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