Thursday, October 11, 2007

5 a day...

Organic and affordable sounds dreamy. I think it's safe to say that one is usually left to make the decision to be budget conscious {and abiding} or care about what you're putting next to your child's perfect skin. But Nubius Organics doesn't want that to be a choice. They understand that organic is "better for the baby and the planet." They make it easy.

Nubius Organics
offers 100% organic clothing at normal prices and exceptional quality.. worth wearing! I'm especially drawn to these onesies {above} that are both incredibly soft and stretchy {nothing worse than the cheap cotton that becomes stiff and baggy with each wear..}. Sweet [organic] Pea, Perfect [organic] Peach, and [organic] Apple of My Eye come in a set of three for only $34.75. Each onesie is packaged in a usable produce and grain bag {brilliant} and is tagged with a produce list of the dirty dozen: the 12 fruits and vegetables that, when conventionally grown, contain the highest concentrations of pesticides. Pair the set of onesies with their Under the Nile's veggie toys and you have a perfect gift. Or buy them as replacements for those white onesies that might have some lurking pesticides, herbicides and/or formaldehydes.

p.s. The dirty dozen:
*bell peppers
*imported grapes

[They've motivated me to make a couple of {positive} changes. I love those kind of companies!]

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  1. oh jeeze. thats y entire diet right there! but thankfully I buy my dirty dozen from the organic farm stores.


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