Tuesday, October 23, 2007

arabian rocking horse.

This rocking horse... rocks.
*made from renewable rubber wood and painted with nontoxic lacquers.
*folds for easy traveling
It's modern-ized with pretty colors and a oh-so-fantastic price tag {$49.99}.

And with a reaction like this..

to his first pony ride... how could I not?


  1. I LOVE this!! especially the picture:)

  2. Aww! So cute! (Cole, not the rocking horse, although that's cute, too) :)

  3. That pictures is so adorable. What a cute little boy..

  4. I love that picture of cole...and that he is loving the ride. Where/When did he go on it?

  5. I need to give you Presley's extra ticket--the ponies scared her to tears and I don't think she will ever go near them again.

    Cole is an adorable boy!


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