Wednesday, October 10, 2007


My latest daily read, the Scoop, recently posted about a gem of a company. Succulent, a flora design firm {currently only serving the LA area.. but hoping to expand soon}, offers beautiful varieties of "neglectable plants." It's a pretty genius idea, I think, for those of us who enjoy fresh but prefer easy and forgiving. They say, "Why not create flora arrangements with these beautiful, luscious plants that live?" I say, "amen."

Their vision is to consume less while providing a beautiful and natural aesthetic and design. They use organic {soil} and they give back. Read more here. And fingers crossed that they start taking national orders.

[photo via The Scoop]


  1. Kathryn got me hooked on succulents. They're my favorite, specifically the Jade plant on my patio table.

  2. Yay! I didn't know that you had gotten one Missy (or maybe I did?). I really love my Jade plant. I almost killed it this summer (left it in direct sunlight for 10 days without water... oops), but it bounced right back. Love it.

  3. this is my dream! i need these plants :)

  4. My favorite plant! Thanks so much for this. : )


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