Monday, October 1, 2007

Woke up this morning...

met tom (my husband) for a quick afternoon espresso at grumpy's...
so tasty...
then i hopped on the subway...and headed down to tribeca...
i ran a few errands...and ended up in a photo booth...(you have to hop in when you see one!)...
....yeah...then i ran into this guy eating lunch (Tony Soprano)...i couldn't help but say hello...he was beyond nice...and then i picked up milk and eggs and came home!


  1. interesting day! Is this typical of NYC?
    I am about to take my first ever trip to the big apple with my husband and 20 month old son, any suggestions for "must see"?
    I have no clue whats to see and do there since I am foreigner also.

    I do want to go to the Statue of liberty. Thats my number one, and walk across one of those gorgeous bridges, is it the Manhattan Bridge that's the most picturesque?

    Aside from I said, no clue.

  2. Sounds like an awesome day!!

  3. How hilarious is that? What a day. Nothing like having a coffee date with your spouse and a little lap sit with an emmy nominee. All in a day's work in NYC.

  4. I love photobooths (haven't done that in ages!), biscotti and exciting run-ins. Wow. A good day!

  5. ab-g,
    yes..this is a pretty typical day...but i didn't show things like going to the park...but coffee, running errands...taking the subway are all normal everyday things...the run in with james gandolfini was a little nyc treat (you have celeb run ins from time to time)...i would be happy to give you some suggestions about places to see can find my email on my blog...just send me a note and i'll email you back with a little list...!
    :) kate

  6. aimee,
    it was awesome :)i totally get a kick out of running into celebs but i rarely say hello...let alone ask for a picture...!!? maybe i was to hyped up from the espresso!

  7. prisca,
    it's pretty silly right?! i do LOVE how nyc can be very chill and routine (sticking to your hood) or you can branch out and go on a new adventure every day...

  8. kelli,
    i know...photobooths rock! they're such fun and i think i'll start visiting this one on a regular's important to sit alone and take silly pictures! especially since we (moms) spend most of our time snapping pics of everyone but ourselves!

  9. What a fun day!!!!! and to top it get to meet 'Tony Soprano'!!!!! I love the sopranos and still watch the reruns!!! What a lucky girl!!!!

  10. hey monica,
    it was such a treat to run into "tony soprano"...and to be honest i was so shocked to see him that i couldn't remember his real name! he couldn't have been nicer...

  11. You've inspired me Kate. I'm totally taking photos of myself in a photo booth next one I see...


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