Thursday, October 25, 2007


I do dream in vivid color. My signature decorating style is bold: pillows, sheets, bedding, dinnerware, etc. And as often as I can change around linens and accessories for a fresh, new look-- I do! {Which admittedly is not as often as I would like.} The good news is.. we've moving come November 6th. And {since the house is furnished} we're in need of king bedding. I'm on the search. So far, my favorite is the orange Haya Bedding at Anthropologie.

Their quilts are unusually soft and cozy. Necessary, really, for a good nights sleep. And the price is pretty reasonable. Next.. will be the search for soft, affordable sheets. Any ideas? {bedding or sheets??}

[top picture via Blueprint.]


  1. I LOVE my Pottery Barn sheets - not their "normal" ones (they are a little scratcy at 400 TC), but their super soft 700-count.

    I ordered Anthropologies sheets first (I loved their colors and patters), but they were not as soft as I had hoped...

  2. I LOVE THESE COLORS! I just love red and pink and orange all together. Thanks kelli!

  3. I'm a lurker but Kathryn's sister :) I LOVE my sheets from IKEA. You may think, IKEA? Sheets? But I love them. They are SO soft and they wash well. They come in a few colors, not millions, but for basic cream or white I love them


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