Monday, October 22, 2007

think pink: fretzels by Jill.

" bite and you'll never forget."

Admitted chocoholic- Jill Frechtman- appreciates the combination of salty and sweet. Thank goodness because her young love for white chocolate-dipped-pretzels lead to making them at home with her mom and later experimenting with creative candy toppings. Fretzels by Jill were born soon after Jill gifted her chocolate covered pretzels at a holiday party {during her career as an art director in New York City}. They "proved to be so irresistible that raving turned into encouragement." They're now available to the masses.. in white, milk, dark and butterscotch chocolate varieties. All individually hand dipped and adorned in toffee, sprinkles, M&Ms or Oreos to name a few. They prove to be beautiful food with beautiful flavor {arriving perfectly huge, fresh and crunchy!}.

Dishing the pink:
The Fretzels Pink Box , $26:

$5 from the sale of each nine-piece assortment of pink Fretzels, complete with a pink satin awareness ribbon, will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Help spread awareness and help find a cure...Sweetly!

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