Thursday, October 18, 2007


I've been told that if you have a girl, you have to be prepared for the {almost} inevitable: princess. Even if you're far from princess-y.. apparently it's easy for the daughter to be born with the drive to need pink and lace and tutus. Maybe even every single year for Halloween for... a while. {Any truth in this?}

Solution: Princess Tots Boutique. So many options! The tutus are custom made to fit your daughter's size, but a matching ribbon ties them in the back so there is room for growth! Sounds like a find if you're in the market!


  1. Yes, this is truly an issue. In fact my uber-girly daughter really brought out my feminine side! The tutus are adorable-much better than the fairy costumes we are currently recycling!

  2. I love these tutus. I've seen them on other blogs and am totally planning on ordering them for my girls for pictures, and then they can play with them.

  3. Presley is getting one of these tutus for Christmas (I am thinking pink and green)! Fun for the princess in all of us!

  4. ha ha! i am sooooo not a tutu kind of girl but somehow littlemama already owns 3 and she's 14 months old!


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