Wednesday, October 3, 2007

table + chairs.

I'm determined to buy Cole a table and chair set for Christmas. All day long he wants to color with the coloring pencils and sheet of stickers he found in grandma's kitchen drawer. (Since, we have made a trip to Target and bought him is very own pad of drawing paper and twistable Crayons.) I love this phase. And I love that we have transitioned (even for a matter of days) from trucks to art. The kid needs a little encouragement: an art station!

But, for me, buying furniture is like buying shoes: it takes me a while to find the perfect set. And I have a hard time going cheap with either. So I've been on the search. I'll share my favorites:

The Project Table and stool set stands as my favorite!
Giggle, $250 {table}, $125 {stool set} = $375

Coming in for close second is the well known bb2 chairs and table set by Not Neutral.

Design Public, $385

For a sturdy, neutral look: the Svan mini furniture set {table + 3 chairs + 1 stool}
Baby Geared, $200

Finally, The Pakhuis Oost Folding Table is sweet. {In blue.} Matching stools are here {although I think that the Bunny Junior chairs would be a fun match if they were still available in other colors!}.

Rose and Radish, $60 {table}, $47 {per stool} = $248 with set of 4 stools.

Any other great finds?


  1. We have the Svan table and are very happy with it. Have had it for about a year and it looks great still.

  2. A table and chairs is SO much fun. I have to say that Avery's "playroom" is the best decision we've made to give her a space to go to (for coloring, playtime, imaginary fun!) whenever she feels like it.

    I don't know about the others. I went with the Ikea "Lak" table and the wooden chairs (one red and one white). I've been really happy, but those designers ones look darn COOL Kelli. Update us soon!

  3. i saw this at a local toy store and loved it! and the refill roll of paper is only $4.99! {sorry for the long link, i dont know how to "button you over".

  4. We have the ikea table and it has worked out for us nicely :)

  5. i like the argington fundy table (the one with the chalkboard top) and taj chair....although it won't seat four.


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