Wednesday, October 24, 2007

casting call:

Another virtual baby shower is in the works. If you would like to be celebrated {and considered to be the winner of a plenitude of amazing loot} please apply by November first.

Send in an application to {titled: virtual baby showers} with your story. All applications must include:
*your name and address {we have to get those gifts to you}
*a photo of you and your belly {if applicable- adoptions will be celebrated as well.}
*your due date
*whether you are expecting a boy or girl {if you know and/or want to share}
Keep it creative! What sets you apart?
Winners will be surprised and all baby showers will be thrown {on Tangled and True} unannounced. Just start hoping... and happy growing.
note: all requirements must be met for application to be considered.

[Are you a company that would like to contribute a gift? Please submit your contact/product information for review and/or request further information.]

photo via Apartment Therapy: the nursery


  1. kelli, if we've applied in the past are we still in the running for this one?

  2. yes. but you're always welcome to send an updated application as well.. if you choose.

  3. can you submit a friend/relatives name for them?

  4. of course. but all requirements listed must still be met (their story, a picture, etc.).


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