Sunday, July 22, 2007


dear Friends,

Thank you for playing part in the survey we had running last week. Although I have to frequently remind myself that Tangled and True is my hobby, I love that I have a hobby as cool as blogging for an audience; learning about new, amazing products; meeting perfectly pleasant {and inspiring} business owners and determined women. That being said, I am encouraged by your suggestions to be better. I hope to find inspiration for more home design and fashion posts {per your request}. After all, I need the tips as well!

From the beginning, the purpose of Tangled and True was to unite women, parents and mothers by drawing from each other's experiences, by supporting smaller and women-run businesses, and by simply creating a commonplace for anyone to enjoy and contribute. We don't claim professionals, but we aim to illustrate how we try to live our lives as {realistic} women and mothers in a world that appreciates simple, modern, functional, eco-friendly and open-minded. No, we aren't paid for what we do {neither are the majority of our posts encouraged by free product}, and yes, we do try to post practical price-points. There are the occasional exceptions of wish list or dream room items that we feel to be healthy to acknowledge and we hope you can appreciate this. My point: this is a real forum from real women to real women. I'm glad that you're a part of it.

So, what about motherhood? I was a little taken back by a couple of comments that our attention on the origins of this blog {motherhood} has been a bit diverted. I love being a mother. It consumes me and it has changed me. I know the same to be true for my good friend {and fellow blogger} Missy. But at some point, I made the decision to keep the intimacy of motherhood to my close friends and family rather than sharing with a larger audience. The truth is.. everything that I'm passionate about, everything that I post about is some way inspired by my Cole. Rather than losing the focus on motherhood, I promise that this blog would be null without my experience as a mother. You can expect more of posts like this and this and this though. They simply come with time and inspiration.

I {we} hope to keep at this for a while. In doing so, I hope to make more friends, to become more creative, more design-inclined, more aware of my mark on this earth, and a better mother and friend. Keep the comments/emails/suggestions coming.

Have a great week and {as always}.. thanks for reading!


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