Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i love you the purplest.

This book is my new favorite bedtime read with my daughter.

When asked repeatedly by her two boys who "is better..." or who "do you love best..." The mother comes up with descriptive ways to express her love equally. She uses colors (specifically red and blue) to describe the love for each son without labeling or creating conflict. Together she loves them the purplest.

I assume this book would be even better when faced with two, three or more children as they ask similar questions. I really enjoy it though because it enables me to come up with new ways to describe my daughter.

Gift idea! Give to a friend that is about to embark on parenthood second time around.


  1. We gave this book to my husband's mom (and my mom) on mother's day. They have five boys and 1 girl and they each have a "color" that all of their things were--toothbrushes, cups, etc. On their birthday their candles are that color, too. It is wonderful to see how a mom can love each child so much, but in their own way. So, think about it for a gift for your moms!!

  2. i also love, love this book! and i've used it many a time - its a great answer! i love you the purplest!


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