Monday, July 16, 2007


Great book finds are almost as good as a perfect pair of {new} shoes. I love books. I love that Cole is learning to love them too. My newest {greatest} finds?

The flip-a- face series by Harriet Ziefert!

Baby Flip-a-Face: Woof-Woof:
taking you back to the classic flip books, this flip-a-face turns a simple crayon drawing-esque baby face into a mouse, lamb, pig, bird, etc. with a simple flip of the page. It's modern, it's darling and it's a perfect teaching tool. [Did you know that a goat says "maa maa?"]

Flip-a-face: Colors:
No hair. Black hair. Brown hair. No hair. Flip the page to add purple glasses, an orange hat, a white bow or to smell a yellow flower. It teaches color(s), it identifies simple objects, and it illustrates diversity. I love that the white baby has no hair, the black baby is wearing glasses, and the brown baby- a hat. As always, I love the modern illustrations!

Both books are delightful. {And available at Costco if you're interested in saving $8 for the set.}

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  1. These are cute! We have the vehicle version!


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