Monday, July 30, 2007

bring back the tie dye.

Remember when every family reunion or summer camp had to involve tie dying? And you would find some way to wear that new favorite shirt regularly. Those were the days: homemade and cool. Well it's back. One of my favorite children's clothing brands {previously featured by Missy}, among others, have brought it to the front again. You can easily find the look but what about the nostalgia for creating your own masterpiece?

The SFMOMA sells an amazing tie dye kit! Complete with dyes, squirt bottles and instructions {all enough for 15 shirts- shirts not included}, can we say hello to the coolest of party favors, reunion activities or birthday gifts! I love this idea!

p.s. Remember Cole's favorite outfit at only a couple of days old? He's been a fan with me from the beginning!


  1. i do remember those days! too fun and funny!

  2. What a great idea! My girls love tie dye children's clothes! Brings back memories!

  3. That would be a very fun kit to buy...imagine the possibilities.

  4. i just bought a kit for my neice and nephew for a fun 'end of summer' project! they can make some new clothes to impress their friends!


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