Wednesday, July 18, 2007

stay juicy

"When was the last time your felt your whole being hum with vitality?"

It's a good question, asked by Jody Gehrman in Body+Soul article stay juicy. She says, "make it a daily occurrence by cultivating your ojas, Ayurveda's ancient secret for happiness, longevity, and even fertility."

You know it when you feel it: the effervescent joy that makes you want to kiss strangers, sing an aria, dance in the crosswalk at rush hour. Sometimes these surges of energy are the direct result of external events-- a big promotion, a great workout, a fabulous first date. More often, happiness floods in unexpectedly, and we chalk it up to the mysterious force known as good mood.
{continue the article here.}

"But what if this bubbly, pure sensation isn't random? What if you could tap into it, nurture it?" I love the new {new to me} idea of nurturing my ojas. ["Ojas is your energy, your vitality, your immunity, your fertility, your longevity, and your joie de vivre."] The article outlines several simple ways to pay closer attention.

minding your ojas:

{ojas accumulators}
sound sleep
gentle exercise
room-temperature water
fresh fruits and vegetables
being in nature
forgiveness; releasing anger
connecting with a higher cause
organic milk, ghee, almonds, and honey

{ojas detractors}
processed food
anxiety and worry
working too much
too much tv
lack of sleep
leftover food
too much sex

Read it! It's a good challenge. And a refreshing perspective.

[photo by Alicia Bock]


  1. It is so hard to avoid the "detractors" but the feeling you have when everything is right is truly something to strive for. I need to check out the book--thanks for the tip.

  2. Tara, it's in the new {martha stewart} magazine- body+soul. It's a good purchase! You can read this article online too..

    If you ARE looking for a book, I LOVE one called Detox for Life by Josephine Collins. It's a perfect display book with beautiful pictures and great ideas to detox in severeal arenas of your life (or ojas). :)

  3. thanks kelli...I actually read that article last month, and really identified with it. It was really nice to have a confirmation of how I feel and want to feel. detox is so great...I have done (and am now doing) Isagenix. LOVE IT! cleanse for life!

  4. i'm all about room temperature water. :)
    and i love alicia bock's images. i'm featuring her shop next week on my blog! ;)


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