Monday, July 9, 2007

personalize a story

I love this idea! It is a made-to-order book ready to be filled with letters of your child's name. Along with each letter comes an animal + description. Imagine how special a kid would feel seeing all the letters of his own name on a hardcover book.

Example name Tyler: T is for Tiger, Y is for Yak...

In fact, now it's got me thinking. It would be super neat to make a "quiet book" along the same idea using the letters in your child's name to correspond to object/animals. I guess I'm feeling crafty today.

{Available at Red Envelope}


  1. This post was perfectly timed. I needed a gift idea for my 5 year old neice's birthday and this is perfect!

  2. WE love this book. We received one for my little girl when she was born. My kids now love to look at it and think it is so special with their name.

  3. Oh, we got one of those as a gift too. It's very cool.


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