Thursday, July 12, 2007

a gift for a crafter.

The cover of this note book is made using a unique piece of vintage fabric. Every cover is different. We'll select a fabulous one for you!

I'm sure everyone knows someone that is a crafter. The woman that can sew a quilt, snap professional-like photos, scrapbook publishable page(s), make unique quiet books for their little one, and decorate her home with her own thread and needles...In fact, maybe you are one of those women?!

I, however, am not. Somebody has to be the consumer right? That's what I like to tell myself.

The trouble comes trying to think up a gift for "the crafty girl" when you are anything but. Birthday, holiday, random notes to tell them they're cool...sigh.

I like this {pictured above}. A one-of-a-kind notebook for your creative friend to jot down all her ideas. Pair it with some fun pens and her favorite magazine subscription and you've got a cute gift set.

{image and item from rock scissor paper}

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