Wednesday, July 11, 2007

cristidame photography.

Cristi Dame says, "My understanding of people and their relationships is captured in such a way that 'who' they are is portrayed instead of just 'what' they look like. Keeping things simple and real is my motto, so I prefer shooting in natural light and in simple settings to keep the focus on the authenticity of each person. Each photo puts life on pause and truly tells a story! So, capture it."

Are you ready for a little bit of incredible? cristi dame photography captures.. motherhood, baby, youth, wedding, and family moments/memories/perfection. Her work feels very National Geographic-esque. Take a look.

If you live anywhere close to Idaho, jump on the opportunity to contact her. I love pretty art!


  1. Pretty art is right Kelli! Those are I posted previously, I am always on the search for a good photographer. She is exactly it.

  2. Cristi's photography is spectacular...she captures the beauty in everyday life. Her pictures are amazing.

  3. Hey thanks Kelli for your support! I love your site! I am always up visiting my fam in Utah- so anytime you need photos let me know! -cristi dame


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