Monday, July 23, 2007

merry poppies.

I'm a sucker for fresh flowers {especially during Spring and Summer} and these are beautiful! I found some professional tips for caring for poppies {which I used to coin my favorite flower}:

From its crepe-paper petals to its bulbous seed pods, the poppy is a study in contradictions. In the garden, poppies turn their faces skyward; but at home, when cut, they do a shy dance, bending and bowing and swirling their ruffled flowers. To capture a bouquet of these elusive beauties for as long as possible, cut the flowers as buds early in the morning. Put the stem ends in boiling water for 30 seconds or sear them with a flame so the milky sap doesn’t block water uptake—and always use warm water in the vase.

Who would have known? {via Gardening Life.} This is a good source for fresh flowers sold online.


  1. wow, i have never heard of this! thanks!

  2. I still claim the poppy to be my favorite flower...what good tips. I had NO idea about any of that. Thank you!


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