Tuesday, July 3, 2007


We recently bought the Maclaren Volo for our trip to the East coast this summer. We wanted something light. Something easy to tag along. And most importantly something Avery would like sitting in since we'll be walking {a lot}. At some point in parenthood I think everyone buys an umbrella stroller...the time came for us.

I went forward with the Volo and can't explain it's great-ness with enough detail. Avery loves it. It rides smooth, folds super easily, the mesh allows ventilation...I can push it with one hand {maybe even one finger} and it is extremely light. My husband digs it just as much as me.

A+ Maclaren.

{available at egiggle}


  1. I'm glad you love it, Missy! It seems like a great price for a stroller that has worked so well so far! I think we should be in the market for a lighter stroller too.

  2. maclaran's are really the way to go! the volo's not great for the winter in ny - but a dream for the summer!

  3. I evangelise about Maclaren to all my mummy-to-be chums. We had our second son in one from birth (a lie flat model) and it's still going strong. Just another of the many things I learned from having child #1 - viva umbrella folding strollers.

  4. i'm such a stroller junkie... i may have to check into this one!


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