Thursday, July 12, 2007


My husband and I are sudoku fans. We both have books on our nightstands {maybe a little nerdy?}. Personally, I like to decipher a puzzle with him. He likes to sudoku solo though so I'm usually left to stump through a puzzle by myself.

My one year old isn't old enough to figure a puzzle, but if she takes after her parents, I'm sure she'll enjoy them. If you didn't already know, they make sudoku for kids. They're the perfect summertime learning activity. Sudoku provides a child with some serious skills: exercise for the brain, intro to logical reasoning and a sense of accomplishment.

All sorts of website provide free puzzles. I've listed a few below.


  1. we LOVE Sudoku! I'm a puzzle nerd too. fun post!

  2. I was confused and interested when I saw the puzzles--what a great way to get my mind back after leaving the work force and mothering all day. Thanks.

  3. I am so addicted to these puzzles. A life saver on a 7 hour Puerto Rico flight. Speaking of Suduko for kids, I made some for my preschoolers and they loved them. You can do shapes (heart, triangle, square, cirle), colors, anything, you just have to size it down. A 4-year-old can figure out a 4x4 sized one. And for those little ones lacking fine motor, you can make it like a hands on puzzle with all the pieces cut out of paper.


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