Wednesday, October 10, 2007

skuut ("skoot").

Because I'm pretty sure that Cole will be a cyclist by the time he's two {March 19th!}, and because Skuut is incredibly affordable, this version of the incredible pedal-less wooden bike that encourages balance, steering, coordination and independence looks great! Any testimonials?



  1. ooooooooooh cool idea! Love this too, but unfortunately since we are leaving the country for 2 years it's not going to be able to be in our arsenal of activities. Sad. The shipping for us would probably be more than the bike haha
    Let us know how Cole likes it if you get one.

  2. Abi- I do have to say that I'm incredibly envious of your new (Italian?) adventure! Wow. Lucky you. {I don't remember when/where I read it. Maybe via Chris?}

    There is a german based company that makes similar bikes (like-a-bike) that would probably make shipping less painful. Both are worth a try!!

  3. I highly recommend. We got the knock-off Target version for $15 over the summer (full price was $60, but it went on clearance at the end of the summer and we snagged the last one in teh store for just $15). My two year old is a little too small for it, but my 3 year old will only ride this bike. It really works - after about 10 tries on it she was riding "with no feet!"

  4. Italy it is. I can hardly believe it myself, I feel guilty about having this incredible opportunity while so many others who seem more deserving of life's goodness go without. But I'm not willing to turn down Heavenly Father's great blessings so I am going to embrace it for all it's worth. Travel builds better people (I believe) well at least less egocentric ppl.
    Chris and Mike were planning to visit us in Dec here in Santa Cruz, Cali - but we are skipping town in 12 more sleeps - sad. I am sure they will make it to Bologna though!! I know Mike's parents will come visit me/us there - I love visitors!
    Keep up the good work with your blog, you are an incredible resource.


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