Friday, February 23, 2007


I'm in need of a closet-good-smelling-sprayer. Is there such a thing? We have a walk-in closet and while our shoes are kept downstairs in our garage, sometimes it doesn't smell good. Maybe that came across wrong. It doesn't smell bad, as in rotten/gross/icky bad. But, just stuffy you know? I need something fresh. Something like a candle, but I can't light a candle and leave it alone in a walk in closet for fear...

Any ideas?


  1. I love linen spray. It's perfect for a can spray it on the clothes, the carpet(?), etc. I use it for ironing and for a freshener...on furniture, bedding, towels, carpet, ect. You can find it several places. I really like and L'Occitane.

    Also, Method makes odor eliminating spray. I've never tried it...but it might be worth looking into.
    Do you like the plug-in type things? I'm not a fan but it might be the right solution.

  2. I use Febreze on everything to freshen up the smell- closets, clothes, couches, bedding...


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