Friday, February 9, 2007

baby lingo

English is the dominate language in the US and the UK, but when it comes to baby vocabulary there are some major differences. As an American living in London, I'm often caught between the two vocabs and attempting to adjust certain words in my conversation before the person I am talking to says, "What? Is that what they say over there? How odd." I figure if I can just remember to adjust, I can avoid explaining the terminology again and again.

If I'm talking to my sisters, US friends or parents, I slip back into American baby lingo. When I'm talking to my Brit friends or doctor's (or strangers on the street), I am back with this now second-nature vocab which once seemed so unnatural and like I was forcing the words out of my mouth. Now it's just another normal name for that baby item.

Here are some of the major differences when it comes to baby terminology.

diaper - nappy
binkie / pacifier - dummy
crib - cot
bassinet - moses basket
stroller - pushchair / pram

I also went to a midwife for delivery and most of my post-natal care. We also had health visitor visit us at home after the birth of Isobel. My doctor is called a GP (general practitioner). She was great, but didn't do much and had nothing to do with actual labor. Just a few differences...


  1. That's interesting. When you call it a "diaper" or "stroller" do your Brit friends look at your funny?

    Fun post Linds. You should post more about the differences. Do you think Iz will get an accent? Does Alan have a strong accent?

  2. oh, the memories. I bet it's a challenge...but a fun one.


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