Thursday, February 1, 2007


Before I became a mother, my vision of the joys of motherhood was rocking a sleepy baby in a rocking chair. We didn't have room for one more piece of furniture when Cole was born (living in Boston), so we went without for the first 6 months. I always found a way to improvise. (I think an instinct that comes of giving birth is a rocking motion that I always found myself or no baby.)
So, a rocking chair was on my "to buy" list when we finally got settled in Midway. We have a Puff Chair in creamy-yellow microsuede. (Similar to the one in the picture..)I love it. It's amazingly comfortable. And.. with Cole being sick these last couple of days, I've given it some wear. Rocking my baby boy truly is a joy of motherhood.


  1. Kelli! I love this chair. I kinda want to swap mine out for it. I have a white fluffy one. Maybe next baby...

  2. Kelli, I am Lindsey's sister Kelly. I love this blog that you guys put together and especially love this rocking chair. Where can I find one?

  3. Very cute rocking chair. If we ever have extra room for a chair, I am picking this one!

  4. And the bonus: you can choose through literally hundreds of fabrics. Kelly, where do you live? We just moved to the Park City area this summer and we bought it at a store called Papaya and Co. in the Riverwoods in Provo. I'm sure you could do a google search for Puff Chair for other areas. (Or call Papaya and Co. They had to ship the chair anyway. That might be your best bet!) They do have ottomans. I need to add that to the rocker.


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