Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Since most of my days have a soundtrack, I decided to do a little research on Cole-friendly music. This seems to have good reviews, and how could it not? I've always been a Jack Johnson fan.

You can listen to some of the song clips from the album here.

I really like the Ben Harper and Jack Johnson duet:

and the Jack Jonson version of this: .

Do you have any good listening for once our under one-year-olds figure out what music is all about?


  1. Love the music. We're big Jack Johnson fans too...he was big when we were dating.

    I've been researching music for kids as well. Something catchy and fun to dance/clap with them to.

  2. I'm a Jack Johnson (and Ben Harper) fan too and I think this cd would be perfect for an adult/kid collection.

    We do listen to a lot of unknown classical music a la

    I would love to find something upbeat like you say, Missy.

    Iz has started to move to music now, so I'll be on the lookout to.


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