Friday, February 23, 2007


Lauren Child is one of my favorite children's authors so far. My mother got Avery this book when she was just four months old (very applicable since she rarely slept). I've looked at her other books and they are just as good. They are fun to read with unique illustrations (actually more like collages with real-life images paired with her own drawings).

Charlie informs readers that when his parents ask him to put his sister to bed, "This is a hard job because Lola likes to stay up late.-most of all chattering." When he says, "But all the birds have gone to sleep," she does not fall for his logic: "But I am not a bird, Charlie."

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  1. I love Charlie and Lola. They are SO funny...and Brittish. I didn't know that they had books. I've seen a 5 minute clip of the cartoon on the Disney channel and I was so entertained that I had Brad watch part of it with me.


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