Saturday, February 24, 2007

having a baby

My sister's friend had her baby on the way to the hospital - IN THE CAR. Crazy. Here is her personal account and here is the news article.

Her three other kids were in the backseat and her husband was driving.

Other crazy labor stories - my old next door neighbor (when I lived with my parents) was getting out of the car at the hospital (she was in labor) and her baby fell out of her onto the ground. She lived near the hospital and had been cleaning her house a little too long, not wanting to just wait around at the hospital.

And one more - my mother in-law's friend had her baby on the toilet seat (she thought she needed to go to the bathroom, but really it was just the urge to push).

All babies were and are happy and healthy.


  1. That is crazy. I know it's a miracle story...but I have a pit in my stomach. Labor stories always make me emotional. I can't believe that. She's a strong woman!

  2. oh my goodness. I thought I might have Dylan in the car. I was 10 cm when I got to the hospital and pushed him right out shortly after I got there. Crazy.

  3. Wait, the baby DROPPED out of her and s/he's OK today? How does that work when s/he probably landed on her head? Those are some crazy stories, but yes, Megg was a 10 and pushed three times (right?) and he was here.


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