Friday, February 2, 2007


I was thinking today that Cole (and Avery and Isobel) will be moving into a new phase of toys pretty soon.

Cole isn't extremely into the basket of toys we have in the living room; he will dump them all out, play with a few until his attention darts to any outlet, cord, or decoration he shouldn't be playing with. He does have a couple of favorites that he returns to over and over again, though. He especially likes two Manhattan Baby balls that he got for Christmas: the Skwish (left) and the Winkle (right).

What are your girls' favorites? Do you have any toys that are a bit beyond their level right now but that you think might be appropriate in a couple of months? Any ideas for new toys come 1 years old?

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  1. Isobel also dumps her basket of toys over, plays a bit and then heads to the kitchen for more interesting things. But, the one toy that keeps her interest a bit longer is her Leapfrog Learning Table. It's so cute to see her face light up when she plays with it. She has become fascinated with opening and closing some of the things on it, pushing the buttons, etc. I got it for her after it being recommended by so many people. It was also sold out at a lot of places for Christmas, so I figured it was a good one.

    I don't really know what else to get her...she seems to try and eat everything I hand her. I could see her enjoy sucking on the manhattan baby balls.

  2. Yeah, Avery isn't into her toys so much either. I try to rotate them so she finds the old one's "new" again, but it's hard. I think that's why kids end up having so many toys. They get bored.

    What are manhattan baby balls? Where do you get them? I don't know about them, but those skwish and winkle look like something she would love. And keep her occupied for a while.

  3. Manhattan Toy is just a company. Their product is usually sold in boutique-y type toy stores. But you might be able to order from their website.

    I also love Melissa and Doug. ( They have great developmental-all wooden- toys.

  4. To answer your question Kelli...

    We have a leapster thing too that Avery likes to sit and watch and hit the buttons to make noises and/or make lights go up.

    We have a little baby buggy that she'll (someday) push around once she gets around to walking (after we master crawling).

    I want to get her one of those octagon shaped balls that have shape cut-outs around it and you have to put the shapes back in the right spot. You know the one? Cole might like that.

  5. Missy, I was thinking of the shape cut-out toy too.


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