Sunday, February 4, 2007

Simply Yoga

I love the way I feel after yoga - mentally and physically. I've been eyeing a couple yoga dvds at Costco since before Christmas and finally bought this one.

It's a dvd and 26 flashcards with various poses. I need someone telling me what to do and making up the routine for me, so the dvd will initially be my guide rather than the flashcards.

Just bought it Friday. I'm excited.

What yoga or other exercise dvds do you use? What would you recommend? Missy, tell us the best yoga dvd!

I also bought a Kathy Kaehler Total Fitness dvd in the $1 section at Target in January (except it was $2.50). Only done it once.

DVDs are a new thing for me since my good intentions of making it to the gym are just not happening.

Seriously. I can't wait to try the Yoga dvd. I am craving that mental and physical state.


  1. I just told Brad this morning that I'm going to start exercising again. My muscles are no more (well, I actually have incredible biceps from holding Cole :) ) so I need to start training. 5 months before summer...perfect.
    Winter just poses such a conflict with getting a workout in. If I don't have a gym membership (which I don't), then it's running in 10degree weather (no thanks) or home videos. I have considered getting a membership for yoga classes in the evenings, but I would prefer trying it at home first.

    Missy...please tell us. What are the great yoga videos? How are you liking yours, Lindsey? I have Power Yoga: level 2, which is one level above where I should start...and very dificil. I do love my pilates video though. (The Method: Target Specifics)

  2. I use Bryan Kest's "Power Yoga". It has three different levels of workouts, most of which are HARD. I love it, and always feels that I get a great workout.

    I bought it on Amazon- only paid about $15 I think.

  3. It's hard for me to get a workout in too. Memberships are expensive here. I need to prove that I will go diligently before buying a membership. I will tell you how I like the video. I just got it Friday and am trying it today! Can't wait...just waiting for Isobel's nap time. I think this is one is a little more for beginners and gradually gets more difficult, but will let you know. I need to start with the basics. I was always playing sports growing up, but not that flexible...

    Kathryn, Maybe I will graduate to your yoga video before too long! Do you practice yoga a lot?

  4. Oh Kelli, I haven't really tried Pilates. Do you love it?

  5. I tried the yoga dvd this morning. It was pretty basic and I was hoping she would cover more poses. So afterwards, I followed some of the cards (the sun salutation, dancer's pose). I wish she would have done some more, because I'm not good enough to know when to inhale/exhale and I like having someone remind me for poses like sun salutation. I also like an instructor to remind me to reach a little higher, etc.

    So, it's an okay video for now. I think it would be too basic for you guys. I will probably go to the next level soon, but I can always use some practice at basics first.

    It was therapeutic though and I felt peace in my body and mind afterwards. So that's good. I'll keep using it.`

    Did you guys ever do pre-natal yoga? I always planned on it. Looked the classes up and everything, but never actually made

  6. It depends upon what type of yoga you are intersested in. There are several different types, the most common being Hatha Yoga, which it sounds like your dvd was Linds. It's a combination of sun salutations with poses to help you relax while breathing to release.

    There is Bikram Yoga which is the type of yoga that you do in a studio with the thermostat set on about 80-85 degrees. Warm yoga, lots of sweating, varied poses.

    Then there is Ashtanga. This emphasizes the Sun Salutation A and B series. Over and over again. It's my favorite. While it can be repetitive, you gradually increase the rate at which you are doing the sun salutations and add more poses (Warriors, Triangle etc) and you have a cardio-type workout.

    There are other types of yoga, but these are the three most common that I hear about. All end in a "corpse" or relaxation pose, which allows your mind to empty and you meditate. Grab a sweater or a blanket because you lose your heat from the practice quickly.

    As for the dvds. That's where the types of yoga vary. I have a David Swenson dvd that is great for Ashtanga yogi's. Baron Baptiste has a studio in NY and I like her book (I'd love to take a class from her someday). I should publish a post with all the one's that I enjoy. Devin likes the Yoga for Athletes by Rodney Yee, which is slower and emphasizes the stretching more than a workout. His dvd's are pretty good to me, but a little slow sometimes. There is a popular one out called Shiva Rea, but I've heard (from people at my work) that it isn't the best one.

    You want to get one that talks you through the poses so you don't have to crain your neck to look at the tv while you are practicing. I checked out Bryan Kest and that one looks good. I'd suggest looking for one that does pretty hard b/c you can get into yoga shape fairly easily if you do it consistently. The flexibility comes later, but the knowledge and ability to hold poses comes quicker than you would think.

  7. Missy, Your comments are so helpful. I think Ashtanga would be good for me. Not sure if I've done that type of yoga. I used to do Bikram (didn't know what it was called until your comment) at the gym once in awhile.

    I'm going to look into the David Swenson dvd. Anyway, you are giving me confidence with yoga despite my lack of flexibility. Thank you.

    You should publish a post about this.


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