Friday, February 2, 2007

Making A Splash

The fashion industry will be launching their spring styles in New York soon. And while I wouldn't consider Old Navy a fashion go-getter, they've suprised me with their cute baby clothing. Especially some of the swimsuits. I like them.


  1. Missy, I was so impressed with Old Navy's children's line while in the states. They had their spring stuff and I got some adorable things for Iz. I am not a fan of Old Navy for me, but it was great for her. My fav thing that I bought her were some camo converse shoes - with no laces.

    Love the suits.

  2. I'm pleasantly surprised too! As snotty as this makes me sound, I could never bring myself to buying adult Old Navy clothes. BUT...when we're stocking up on entire wardrobes for Cole, we look there first. Cute suits. I'm excited to take Cole swimming this summer.


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