Monday, February 19, 2007

family car

I'd like for the Volvo XC90 to be our family car.

Any favorites?


  1. Dream cars? I actually really like that Volvo. My mom drives the American model and it really is a great ride: perfect size, nice design and the safety factor is always so great. For some reason, I really like wagons (or "Estate Cars"), so if I could afford to replace my (future) Audi after it's warranty expired, I would go for the A6 Allroad. If not, I'm happy upgrading my Subaru to the newest Outback model. I'm so sold on Subarus. Brad loves the Honda Element, which I could do... I like foreign, I like all-wheel drive, and I like medium sized cars. It's fun to think about.

  2. Is it funny that I think I have my favprote car? I have a Toyota Matrix and love it. It gets good gas mileage, 4 wheel drive (optional) and is a wagon-type. I'm a lover of wagons too.

  3. I like the audi estate cars/wagons too. For something small in the city, I would love the A3 (wagon-like one).

  4. I love love love the xc-90. Jay and I have wanted that car since before we had a baby. I also like the honda Pilot.


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