Friday, February 23, 2007

a kick in the pants..

Since having Cole, my body keeps changing sizes. It's not a problem that I'm going to get much sympathy for since the numbers are getting smaller...but regardless, I have maybe 1 pair of pants that kindof fit me. (Shoes are too big, my rings are too big, my bras are too big, etc.) Clothes too big or close too small both pose a problem, right? I haven't bought a single item of clothing since I first moved here in July (which I'm really proud of) but yesterday I made the venture to the Banana Republic Outlet in Park City. I thought I came home with 2 great finds (a pair of cotton pants and a pair of jeans) until I go to put the jeans on this morning and they are way too big. I have always done this; I always buy clothes too big. I don't know why and Brad isn't much of a help since he's my husband and thinks that everything looks good. Flattering, but when it comes down to shopping...I need the help. So I'm still on the search for a good pair of jeans. I don't mind fitted, but I don't like tight. I have a very straight figure and I'm most comfortable in comfortable. Banana Republic is usually a good find and I'm in love with my JCrew jeans that I wear every day (which are also big), but I'm hoping to not spend as much as I did for those. (I know it could be worse. If I was trendy, I would pay at least $140.00.) Price aside, any favorites?


  1. I don't have much to say on this topic. I have jean issues period. My sister-in-law Jen loves the Joe's Jeans (they are designer so they are more expensive). They look super cute b/c they are lighter weight so they double as easy throw on during the summer jeans without making yourself hot. I haven't tried them.

    My friend told me about a brand called Vigoss at Nordstrom in the BP department. Only thing is that she is short so I'm not sure about the length, but she loves them and gets TONS of compliments. I think they are around $60, but you can sometimes find them on sale for $45ish.

    I haven't tried the JCrew jeans. I'll have to try those. Devin went out and bought me a pair of Seven's for my birthday. One, I was completely surprised b/c I've never been much of a designer jean girl (I think we talked about this), but I have so many jean issues and I love them. They are the Dojo's.

  2. I am worse. I do pay at least that much for my jeans, but I notice SUCH a difference on my body. It's so hard for me to find jeans that truly fit. I love my citizens of humanity (which are now too big and I have to wear a belt). They were pre-pregnancy. And Missy, I have the Seven Dojo jeans too. Just got them in January and love them.

    So I only have two pairs of designer jeans and that is good enough for me. I resisted for a long time and then tried a pair on for fun and didn't want to take them off. They fit!

    I had JCrew ones before and they didn't fit right. The style I bought sat really low and showed the top of my bum every time I sat down. Probably wrong size. GAP is a definitely no for me. Just don't fit.

    OH, a brand I do like a lot (and at a reasonable price) are Buckle jeans and I bought them for $50. They were the buckle brand and I loved them. The pair I have are COMFORTABLE and fitted but not tight.

    Looking for a good pair of jeans is hard work. For me it's worth paying a lot for something I wear everyday and feel good in.

    Let us know what you choose! Good luck!

  3. Gap are a no for me too. I used to get Lucky jeans, which worked for a long while until the summer and they were just too thick for me.

    I haven't tried Citizen's. I pretty much wear my seven's on a daily basis unless I'm going grunge and I'll wear my old Lucky's or I have a pair of Prana one's from work. They're ok, but a little big now.

    My sister has a pair of Abercrombie that are really cute. Kinda like skinny jeans I think.

    My old roommate loved Buckle Lindsey, but I had issues with those b/c of the pockets. They looked weird on me, but super cute on her.

  4. That's jeans. Now I actually wear my yoga pants quite a bit too b/c they're comfy and can look like nice pants/capris too.

  5. I don't like Gap jeans either. They need to get with it. I'm definitely not into thick jeans. I've spent an hour in Nordstrom trying all the fancy pants jeans on and I never found "the pair." I'll have to keep looking.

  6. A few years ago I tried designer jeans and I am hooked. I understand that price is an issue, but I just have two really great pairs of jeans (sevens and citizens) and that is all I need. I don't need a ton of jeans. I try to buy one new pair a year at the Nordstrom Sale (when they are usually down to around $100, which is a positive).

    I will say that I wanted to try out skinny jeans (even though I am not skinny) to wear with some boots, but didn't know if I would like them so I bought some from Old Navy. They actually are really cute and I love how they fit my butt. And they were only $20. Now that skinny jeans are on their way out of style, I don't feel bad I only spent that much on them.

  7. Miss- I do not own a pair of skinny jeans!!! In fact, I despise that style and would never ever look good in it. I have no idea where you got that.


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