Saturday, February 24, 2007

mini boden.

If you like how we got started stories, this is a fun one:

I recently heard a rumour that I didn’t exist. This was mildly disconcerting so I thought that I should set the record straight.
Boden isn’t a figment of a marketer’s imagination. 15 years ago, having failed miserably as a stockbroker and realising that I wasn’t particularly suited to having a proper job, I started my own company.
I began with just me and 8 menswear products in my flat in west London, doing things the way I’d want them done if I were a customer.
It hasn’t always been easy. We’ve had five burglaries, one office dog, twelve nights spent in the warehouse, one consignment of refugees in a delivery, about twenty fantastically annoying customers (more than half of them related to me), two false breasts in a returns parcel, four office moves, and far too many anchovy pizzas to be considered healthy.
The range may have grown a little since then, but my values haven’t changed one bit. I’m still as passionate about what we do now as I was then, and am more than a little bit proud of what we do. That’s why we have launched in the US. Aside from the whole ‘tomayto/tomarto’ thing, we’re not that different, and I thought that you might quite like our beautifully colourful clothes as well.
I hope so anyway.

I learned about Boden this morning when I started flipping through a (mini Boden) catalog we got in the mail last night. I think I really like them. Here are some of my favorite pieces (I found considerably more "girl" things than "boy"):

Fun...right? Simple and playful and very summery. You can check out their sale here. (They do have women's and men's clothing too.)


  1. Cute choices. I love that swimsuit especially.

    I just ordered their catalogue. I love getting clothing catalogues in the mail. It's fun to look (and occasionally buy, of course).

  2. You are right - very summery. Makes me excited for summer. The girls skirts are too die for. I love them.

    I like wrap dresses for myself and they have a bunch. Nice find Kelli.

  3. I liked the linen and polka dot wrapped dresses. I don't own a dress. That could be a good thing to get.
    Let me know what you think about the catalogue, Lindsey.


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