Friday, February 9, 2007


I would really like to spruce up Isobel’s room by adding a piece of art. I’d like to keep it simple and modern, but so that it's obviously her room (with or without a crib).

The only thing we have is her bedding (but it's pretty easy to match with, I think). We were moving right after she was born, so decorating her room wasn't in the cards. We'll be in this flat awhile so this room deserves some attention.

Right now a double size bed dominates her space, because her room also serves as our guest bedroom. Still, I want to make it her own and I think that starts with adding a piece of art and working around that addition.

The piece above, from Modern Tots, is my favorite so far. Another I like (I just don’t know how much) is below. It's from Habitat, which is one of my favorite home stores. I think the one from Modern Tots is my favorite though.

Any recommendations for places to find cool nursery art?


  1. I love art and think a home should have a little bit of tasteful art throughout each room.

    We got this for Avery's room. The rocking chair is across from it and it hangs above her changing table and she stares at it still.

    I love both of your choices. I like the simplicity of the purple flowers, but the Habitat one's are great too simply to add some spunk and color.

  2. Cole's walls are blank as well. I just haven't found the right thing yet. I like the Modern Tots piece the best. It seems like it good grow with her a little better than the one from Habitat. I'm all for simplicity. Your Michael Schwab one is great too, Missy. I remember seeing that in a couple of your posts.
    Hmm. I'm going to have to start looking around.

  3. Both look cute to me. Our future nursery is also a guest room and will be for a while so it's already decorated with a favorite print of mine by Van Gogh that I bought last year at the Met. I guess that is a little adult for a child's nursery but my children will know their artists young! Once I do get preggers I plan on buying baby bedding that will go with the print... so I guess I started the other way around...


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