Friday, February 2, 2007

eating out?

Cole and I made a trip to Bajio today on our way to Costco. I love that he's now sitting in the restaurant high chairs and gets excited about eating finger foods. It makes going out fairly low-key. Do-able. When I first found out I was pregnant, my mom bought me table toppers. They're not a cute product but I've used them several times now and LOVE them. The concept: a clean plastic "place mat" that sticks to the table and provides a easy clean-up surface for baby to eat off of. I especially like that they are large enough to cover the entire surface within Cole's reach. Unfortunately, they don't really solve the problem of Cole loving to drop his food off of the table to watch it fall. We'll have to figure that one out.


  1. Hmmm...I'd never even heard of those before. Good idea though. We don't go out to eat a whole lot, but I think that one might be good to have on hand in case.

    Did you pack a lunch or just give him parts of what you got? I have never heard of Bajio.

  2. Missy, we hardly ever eat out...but I splurged today. (with cash from the change jar. :) ) Bajio is a "Fresh Mex" place similar to Cafe Rio. I got him a cheese quesadilla and brought some applesauce with us. I got tortilla soup...and he had parts of that as well. (Chicken, corn) They're definitely handy! Even if you're anywhere outside of your own home.

  3. I really like Bajio. Yum. I am making dinner and that sounds good right now. I love eating out. I just love trying new places. The table topper is a good idea.


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