Monday, February 26, 2007

diaper duty.

This is going to be a jumbled, random post. I'm sensing it. But..I was thinking about these things this morning:

1. I really love Costco diapers. In the 8 months we have been using them, I can remember maybe 3 times that Cole has leaked. I love getting such a deal. And the box lasts for ages. (In Boston, we bought diapers in maybe 75 count packs. It meant diaper shopping every week.) I do have to say, though, that I would only use Pampers Swadlers when he was a newborn and/or Huggies Supreme in the transition stages before size 3 Kirkland brand. What do you swear by?

2. There are a lot of "tricks of the trade" when it comes to diapering a baby boy. They were lessons we were forced to learn pretty quickly, considering ignorance was not bliss when baby boy squirts your face, outfit, or crib sheets during almost every change. I always had a stack of thicker baby washcloths by the changing station when Cole was teeny tiny. Washcloth would go right on top of his privates when I was wiping him clean. I don't know how in the world people used kleenex or wet wipes to do the same job. That would have been a guaranteed soak through for us.

*Another: baby boy would leak no matter what quality of diaper unless his privates are pointed down (in the diaper). Quite a difference between newborn boys and newborn girls, right?

3. Did you have quite a few diaper leaks when your babies were brand new? I remember changing his crib sheets and/or sleepers almost every night. (And we always did a middle-of-the-night diaper change too.) That's never a problem for us anymore. Did they just pee a lot more when they were smaller? Or do newborn diapers have less of a holding capacity? I wonder..


  1. So funny. This post made me laugh. You are definitely teaching me things for if I ever have a boy! I've never used Costco diapers - I wonder if they have them here...I'll have to check. I'm always up for deal when the quality isn't compromised.

    We use Pampers Active Fit. My sister loves Pampers swaddlers, but we don't have them here. Active Fit has been great.

    Oh my, Iz would leak through almost EVERY NIGHT. She doesn't anymore, and I'm so glad. Maybe they leaked through so much because all they ate was milk/liquids? Plus the quality of the diapers? Not sure, but I'm glad we're past that.

  2. I tried Costco diapers...they didn't work for me so much. I think Avery has more sensitive skin or something (?) I don't know, but she got a diaper rash for the first time in her 10.5 month old life so I went through them and switched back to Pampers. I really like Pampers and while I was using Cruisers, I tried the Baby Dry with the NEW elsastisized waistband and LOVE them. They're my new diaper of choice.

    For some reason I don't remember Avery leaking through diapers that often as a newborn. We always did the middle of the night change too and I used Pampers Swaddlers back then also. I remember some, but not every night. My guess would be that it is due to the all liquid diet and maybe their little digestive system is super quick (in and out) thus the need to eat more frequently too.

    Thanks for the tips on baby boys. Good to know for the future!

  3. Hmm. That's strange, Missy. Cole has really sensitive skin too. It's so crazy how every baby is so different. That's what make parenting so difficult: there never is the "right" answer.

  4. i used pampers swaddlers when caleb was a baby. switched to cloth somewhere areound 10 months, then when i was pregnent again i wasnt up for washing cloth while natious so i went back to disposable. i bought a pack of luvs bec they have a guarantee,or your money back. so basically i figured i would end up with a free pack of diapers...never leaked. now my daughter is in luvs (size 2 at 5 weeks!). we have had a couple leaks. if the leaks are coming up the back, my suggestion is this: make sure you are leaving room at the bottom. once the diaper is on, make sure you could stick a couple fingers in the bum area. if its on too close to the skin there, the poo has no where else to go then out.
    if leaks are an issue for you....CLOTH DIAPERS! NEVER LEAK! EVER! :) if your not wanting to do cloth, but dont like poo covered clothes, put a diaper cover on over the disposable diaper. MOTHER EASE has awesome diaper covers (and cloth diapers!!)! then, even if your diaper leaks... guarantee the cover will keep it contained. then the trick is just getting it off with out spreading the mess :)


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