Friday, February 23, 2007

sleep and poop.

I'll combine the two hot topics on this blog and talk about our problem with pooping in the middle of nap time. Any experiences with this? This is how it happens: Cole usually loves his morning nap and sleeps a good 2 hours (if he's not sick or teething) but..lately? He'll sleep an hour and wake up very grumpy. When I go in to lay him back down, he's stinky. He won't sleep with a stinky diaper, but changing him will completely wake him up. It's a problem. I always change him and sure enough, naptime is over. And then we have a grumpy Cole until his afternoon nap. I'm thinking it's just science: he eats breakfast and he poops. But why is this a new happening, then? Any ideas?


  1. Weird Kelli...we experienced this about two weeks ago. She used to go poop before her morning nap, which made it perfect since she was sleepy. All of a sudden (after the constipation issues were resolved) she would go during her morning nap (without even an hour of sleep under her belt) and it would be over. I would do the routine over, but it never worked.

    I started giving her prunes and peas (or poop enhancing foods) with her dinner. It seemed to work b/c she would start going before her morning nap again rather than during her morning nap.

    We're still having sleep issues with her trying to crawl around in her crib during naptime anyway. But, those are my thoughts.

  2. Hm..I'm not sure. We haven't run into that problem...yet.


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