Saturday, November 17, 2007

wall art.

I usually don't post on Saturdays, but I'm a woman on a mission {and as crazy as it is, at 8:37, my son is still sleeping! and my husband is mowing the lawn...}: I'm finally getting to putting together Cole's room for the very first time, and to complete the my vision, I need a rug and some wall art. Let's talk art. Without knowing the details of his room {and trusting that any of these options will go with the bedding, etc.}, I would love any opinions and/or suggestions! In the running for a blank wall or two:

{click to enlarge}

1. camilla engman: set of 4 prints

{click to enlarge}

2. creative thursday:
"hey, where is my hoodie," jackalope and friends, and lewis and oscar

{click to enlarge}

3. studio mela:
woodland grove, in the neighborhood, hello little turtle

and an addition {recommended by my friend Sarah}..


  1. i love all the color in option number two. :)

    ah! it's a sign! my word verification:


  2. I LOVE camilla's bear with thebird on his head. I have always loved ashley and creative thursday...creative thursday might be more of the COLOR you want in the room...cole will probably be more attracted to the colors and the variety of animals.

    its always a combo...what you think and what cole will think.

  3. My favorite-- #2 Creative Thurday.

  4. Without knowing the details, I vote #2 (the lion mostly).

  5. I have the Camilla Engman set and love love love it. I do like the colors in the Creative Thursday prints, and they would go better with your Urban bedding, so that's probably the better choice.


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