Tuesday, November 13, 2007

felt hat how-to:

I love this little girl. Her outfit is incredible and she's wearing a fantastic hand-made hat! Here's the how to for the craft-inclined:

1. Measure or approximate the circumference of the recipient's head and divide the number by two. Enlarge the template on a photocopier so that its length, front to back, measures 1/2 inch less than the halved circumference; cut out. Using template as a guide, cut out another hat piece from felted wool; flip the template, and cut out another hat piece that's the mirror image of the first. With a zigzag stitch and contrasting thread, stitch the dart closed on each hat piece.

2. With a zigzag stitch and contrasting thread, stitch together the 2 hat pieces. Thread a tapestry needle with 3 strands of worsted yarn, and pull it through one earflap (X on template indicates placement) to yarn's midpoint.

3. Divide the resulting 6 strands into 3 equal sections, and braid. Knot at ends, and trim. Repeat on other earflap.


  1. I love this...that little girl is adorable! I want to learn how to make that!


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