Thursday, November 15, 2007

never-miss-me-again doll.

Boumbi, the never-miss-me-again doll, is modern {and extremely abstract} meets sentimental. It {a bear? bunny? fox?} is customizable with any picture and any voice. Simply, this small and surprisingly lovable creature can serve to comfort while you, or the chosen relative, friend, etc., are away.

I woke up one morning to my own voice repeating "I love you Cole" over and over again in the nursery. Apparently he figured out the blue button. And who wouldn't want to hear such endearments whenever they pleased?

Boumbi is made of high quality materials and complies to baby safety standards. This is one smart toy.


  1. Is it a muffled tape recorded sound of you repeating it or is it a clear, nice sound? Cute idea.

  2. That was the biggest surprise for me. Although the doll is very odd looking (which I took to well- it's quirky), the sound is clear and loud!


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