Monday, November 19, 2007

"big design. small sizes."

I've been on the search for the perfect crib bedding for over a year now. If you've read the blog long enough, you know this. If you're my husband or a good friend, you know this well. Because as soon as I realized that there was more out there than Pottery Barn (which is admittedly well made and cute.. just a little too traditional for my taste), I became focused on replacing our current set to fit me; to better represent Cole. After much searching and very few finds I could be perfectly happy with, I was left still searching.

The hallelujah moment came when I checked in with a very favorite company of mine just to, once again, look at their alphabet crib set which was so far in first place for favorites. This is when I learned that Supernatural Baby had in fact launched two new(!) crib sets that were stunning. The find that makes your heart race.. because they were indeed fresh and fun and playful and unique! And instead of left wanting, I was left deciding: Urban or Coral Bird.

Brad {my husband} said that without question, Cole was (we were) Urban. So Urban it was!

The box arrived and the bedding- unveiled, and between Cole and I, we could only muster several wows. This is bedding perfection: a brilliant color combination, flawless hand screen printing {with water based inks} that prove true art, soft and minimal, and a whole representation of my son: beautiful, free spirited, and forever at play. (And as for the urban- he will always be our Boston baby.)

*For the feature that really does stand above any other bedding I've ever known: the crib bumper is made in 4 pieces. This is genius really. This means that with my custom sleigh crib ends, I can still have the coverage sans lumps; come time for the toddler bed conversion, we can still use three of the four bumper sides; and when the crib is all together done away with, waste not- do this.

So, Supernatural Baby, I thank you. Cheers to the artists and designers who "make beautiful things that people want to live with." View other Supernatural Baby products here.


  1. I love it! Congrats Kelli! I LOVE the design! This is the end of a very long quest...what is your newest challenge now? art?

  2. ps) my fingers are crossed for a supernatural baby giveaway in the future. :)

  3. Sarah Jane: I'm feeling pretty settled about the art. Right now, I'm searching for a great rug. And come time that we OWN a home and can have more space/freedom to paint + nail things into the walls-- toy storage and shelving. :)

  4. That's really cool how it turns into a mat... my kids would love that. Wendy and I have looked forever for great baby bedding and it is definately hard to find. Well, unless there's no $ limit! I actually had my Mom make Elle's baby bedding b/c I couldn't find anything I liked. I would love to see pics of Cole's room!

  5. Happy day! Finding the 'perfect" anything is such a good feeling. I agree--Cole is Urban and the bedding is truly lovely!


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