Monday, November 12, 2007


lobotoME {luh-bot-uh-mee} is a company to instantly fall in love with: creative and quirky design meets brilliant concepts executed perfectly for the modern woman/mother. We have Jenny [chief of surgery/mom] to thank for bringing us products designed around the simple idea of "keep{ing} ME sane."

If you're a lister {think notes list, menu planner, grocery list, honey-do list, workout tracker, etc}... simply me to the "T"... you'll be thrilled to hear that you can now have it all in one place!
"I wanted a fun weekly planner that would encompass all of the above and MORE! I also needed to be reminded on a daily basis to take time for ME so that I remained sane and could recharge for my family and my job and so I wouldn't end up in the loony bin or worse yet with a lobotomy... Here's to no more lobotomies."-- Jenny Newcomer
The goods include sanity-inducing weekly planners, Pack ME note pad, Help Me not pad {honey do list}, Feed ME note pad, Save ME note pad {weekly to do list} and the Mantra ME poster.

I like the idea of having this poster {above} hanging above my computer and feeling the craziness drift away. More so, I'm needing the momME weekly planner to organize all that comes with living in a new home {still in boxes!} and setting up a winter routine for Cole and, like lobotoME so geniusly encourages, make time for me.

Three cheers for striving to create products that are eco-friendly {made locally with recycled materials} as well as working with the commitment to offset their own carbon footprint by donating to several respected funds. On top of it all-- offering this goodness for very reasonable prices. I'm a fan.


  1. those are great - I love their products! Thanks for the tip!

  2. cute products! great branding!

  3. The momME weekly organizer is exactly what I have been looking for, thanks for the great find!


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