Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This just in: a new company that brings the "hip, fashion forward, trend-setting, modern, well thought out, reliable, edgy, innovative, and smart" to diaper bags and baby accessories. They're Rowdy: parents bringing the ideal product to parents.

Truly, Rowdy bags (their forte) introduce features I've never before seen: removable, water-resistant and washable liner, removable clutch purse, insulated bottle and changing pad. And they're urban and rockstar. Available in 8 different styles, Rowdy's mission was to do comfortable, fashionable and functional without compromising each mother's/father's unique style {that they believe shouldn't have to change after parenthood}. They're plenty large with compartments and pockets galore. Starting at $69.99{!}... I'm sure they'll quickly create some fans of you.

But Rowdy didn't stop at bags. The square changing pad is simple and sturdy and finally a perfect solution for moms and dads: canvas, neutral, fully functional and only $31.99. Be sure to check back for Rowdy's latest product- the "perfect" blanket, as well as any upcoming specials.

*update* Rowdy is offering all Tangled and True readers 10% off and a free t-shirt when purchasing Rowdy products with coupon code: TANGLED.

What do you think?


  1. I've got to say that the bag looks fabulous! And the price?? I sort of don't believe it. I'd take that one over any $120 diaper bag out there. Good find!

  2. gee whiz, I can't believe people hassle you about stuff like that. Irrelevant, right? It's not like you're parading around using a fake British accent or something. Or are you? Hmm...

    Love these bags, by the way. Thanks for always finding the cool stuff, T&T.

  3. This company's lingo reminds me of PUJ. PUJ has a great sling that is really modern, simple, and stylish, not to mention that it is SO HANDY. I have used it traveling, on walks, etc. and I highly recommend it to any mom that wishes she had three arms. I recently took a flight with just me and my little one and I was able to transport 2 suitcases (one was over 50 pounds!), 2 carryons, and my baby all at the same time. The trip would have been close to a nightmare without the puj sling. Their website is: pujbaby.com.

  4. I absolutely love this. I wish I'd known about this 6 months ago!

  5. For those who posted about the anon comment, thanks for the support! Really... that caught me off guard. But for respect to Rowdy (love the bags, right!), I've removed all irrelevant comments. Let's get back to the good stuff. :) knb

  6. Hi Stephmodo! Were you referring to the bag or the puj sling? :-) The bag looks really cool. If you haven't seen the sling yet you should give it a try. I love it. pujbaby.com


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